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Vortex technology delivers superior performance on Unequal water pressure systems.  The jets have been designed using venturi technology to ensure the low pressure hot water is drawn in by using the high pressure cold water.
This provides superior flow, with smooth and easy temperature control.

– TWO jet options to optimise flow and performance.

– Uses the Venturi system to increase performance on Unequal water pressure systems.

– This product will work in ALL water pressure systems (Equal Low, Unequal and Mains) from as low as 17kPa (Hot water pressure).

– Vortex technology shower mixers increase flow through suction inside the valve, standard mixers can’t do this.

– A noticeable difference in water flow out of your shower rose/head compared to standard mixers (where 6 to 8 litre flow on Unequal is considered good) – Vortex on the same plumbing can give an output of 9 to 12 litres.

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